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Home remedies for back pain

Home remedies for back pain    source: TOI 9.5.2012
Yoga expert Surakshit Goswami gives practical suggestions on how to cure your back pain-with massage, hot water packs, state of mind and food.
There are simple remedies for back pain that give immediate relief.
Oil massage
Ayurveda says back pain is a vata symptom caused by maladjustment of gas within the body. Massaging with oil at the point of the pain is very soothing. Do not press the spine while massaging the oil, but gently massage the muscle around it. Avoid exposure to breeze, so switch off fans and ACs. Cover with a sheet and rest after the massage.
Hot packs
Using a hot water bottle or sitting in a bathtub filled with warm water helps.
Temperature and back pain
In winter, muscles shrink and old wounds and pains resurface. Current wounds also give more trouble. Likewise in summer, pain worsen with AC draughts. Avoiding direct breeze on your back, is, therefore,
Food and back pain
Food also plays an important role. Some foods aggravate the pain and some reduce the intensity.
Ayurveda says that back pain is avata ailment. Our body remains healthy when its vata, pitta and
kapha are in balance. Therefore, avoid food that increases the vata element in your body as this
aggravates your pain. Keep away from rice, curd, lassi, kadhi, urad dal, rajma, okra, arvi and lemons
till the pain disappears. Eat light and easily digestible food. Keep your spine strong with calcium. Also
walk in the sun for your daily dose of vitamin D.
Mental state and back pain
Back pain can also be psychosomatic. If you are pessimistic and grumpy, there are chances that the
problem may aggravate. If you remain positive and cheerful, it will pass.
Obesity and back pain
More weight means more pressure on back muscles become weak and this leads to pain. So keep an
eye on your weight.
Constipation and back pain
It has been seen that when you have back pain, your metabolism is affected too. in fact constipation,
gastric trouble and back pain are very closely related. To treat constipation, take two big tablespoon
og isabgol husk half an hour before dinner or take a spoonful of trifala powder or 8-10 munnakas
boiled in milk. Also have fibre-rich food.

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