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The Science of the Chakras

The Science of the Chakras                                     resource: The Times of India 28.12.2011
Physicist-writer Amit Goswami explores ancient Indian wisdom with love for scientific exploration. Here, he describes the chakras and maps their connection with our health
Each chakra is near important organs of our body. Here is a description of their vital functions, corresponding physical organs, and emotional feelings:
Root chakra: The body function is elimination and the organs are kidneys, bladder, and large intestines(rectum and anus). The feelings are selfish rootedness and survival oriented competitiveness when energy moves in, and fear when energy moves out.
Sex chakra: The body function is reproduction and the organs are uterus, ovaries, prostate and testes. The feelings are sexually and amour when energy is inward (increasing); when energy is outgoing and depleting, there is unfulfilled lust.
Navel chakra: The body function is maintenance or anabolism and the organs are stomach, small intestine, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. Upsurge of energy at this chakra gives pride and anger; when energy moves out, unworthiness and resentment result. 
Heart chakra: The body function is self-distinction(between me and not-me). The organs are the heart and thymus gland of the immune system whose job is to distinguish 'me' from 'not me'. There is romance when energy moves in loss, grief, hurt and jealousy when it moves out. You feel romance here when you meet an appropriate partner and the me extends to include a partner. But romantic love is still 'me-oriented' and the partner is important because he or she is mine. When the self-distinction extends to everyone, compassion enters.
Throat chakra: Self-expression is the function and organs are lungs, throat and speech organs, hearing organs and thyroid gland. There is freedom of speech when energy moves in and frustration when the opposite happens.
Brow/third eye chakra: The function is evolution. This is the chakra of intuitive energy. The organs are the middle and hind brain, eyes, and pituitary gland. As energy moves in, there is clarity of understanding and confusion with depletion of energy.
Crown chakra: The function is self-knowledge and it is associated with the pineal gland. There is satisfaction when energy is gained and despair as it gets depleted.An endocrine gland is associated with each chakra. These communicate with the brain where the mind is mapped. In this way, the mind gets control of vital energies.

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