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Keep your bones healthy

Keep your bones healthy resource: The Times of India 5.6.2012
Power of sunshine
Limit Protein
Quit smoking
Cut down salt
Be active
Drink sensibly
Maintain a healthy weight

Cut down on salt, expose yourself to sunshine and exercise regularly for stronger bones, says orthopedic surgeon Subhash Jangid. A healthy set of bones is vital for good posture, balance and strength. Our bones lose calcium and other minerals and become lighter, and more porous as we age. The following tips can prevent your bones from becoming porous.
Eat calcium-rich food: Adults should eat at least 700 mg of calcium a day, and 1,200mg if diagnosed with osteoporosis. Include yoghurt, cheese, a handful of almonds and spinach in your daily diet.
Power of sunshine:
Your body needs Vitamin D to absorb calcium. This is found in fish, oil, liver, fortified spreads, cereals, and egg yolk. Your body also makes its own Vitamin D when you are exposed to sunshine. Take in sunshine for 15 minutes two to three times a week.
Limit Protein: 
Excess intake of meat, cheese protein drains the body of calcium and weakens bones. Your daily diet should contain a balanced portion of protein (meat, fish, egg, nuts and seeds), fresh fruits and vegetables, and carbohydrates(bread, pasta, potato and rice).
Quit Smoking: 
The more you smoke, the more likely you are to suffer from osteoporosis
Cut Down Salt: 
Salt speeds up the body's loss of calcium. Most of us consume 9 gm of salt a day, but the recommended limit is 6 gm, or just a teaspoonful. Don't add salt to your food. Avoid foods that contain high salt like crisp, ham, cheese, sauces, and processed food like french pie, pizza and soup.
Be Active:
Bones get stronger when you use them. The best way to strengthen them is to do five hours of 'weight-bearing' exercise a week. This includes walking, running, dancing, golf, tennis or netball. It doesn't include cycling or swimming.
Drink Sensibly: Alcohol, tea, coffee, and other fuzzy drinks reduce the amount of calcium you absorb, and weaken the bones. Stick to the recommended amounts of alcohol, and swap your caffeine-fuelled drinks for water and diluted juice.
Maintain a Healthy Weight: 
Losing too much weight too fast under a crash diet programme can increase your risk of osteoporosis. The same is true if you are anorexic. Weight loss can cut the amount of oestrogen (a hormone that helps to protect your bones) in your body. If you need to lose weight, do it sensibly.

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