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Learn patience with yoga

Learn patience with yoga  source: TOI June 26, 2012
Regular practice of yoga can help us De-stress, develop patience and recover from illness faster, writes yoga exponent and teacher, Umesh Dwivedi
Self-healing works when you have faith and patience. Chemical reactions inside the body are a resuit of our thoughts and mental state, but patience gives us the endurance to fight our troubles with a stable mind. Yoga works on the body and mind simultaneously to achieve perfect balance.Knowledge or unknowingly, we are stressed most of the time because of lack of patience. An impatient mind is always restless. Once you are stressed, psychosomatic ailments, can affect you. As a start, yoga asanas help you become it is easy to focus on the body.
Practice of asanas
Asanas when practiced with full awareness build patience to accept yourself the way you are. Awareness of stretching, pain, breath, and posture, is the first step towards the development of patience. When a yoga aspirant struggles to get into a perfect posture and keeps trying repeatedly, a sense of persistence is created. You need patience to see yourself through after a prolonged illness, when you have to watch and wait. 
In our day-to-day life, it helps in keeping our BP normal and our temperament in control with the family and in the office! Yoga helps in understanding the body and listening to all the fine signals that it conveys, so that you are aware of your situation.
Whether it is a weight loss regime or recovery from disease, developing patience can help you tap into your inner healing mechanism.
Holding on
The philosophy of retention of asana or breath in yoga makes it different from any other form of exercise. It is also advised that you should be as steady as possible while holding an asana. Your acceptance of a situation should be as steady as possible while holding an asana. Your acceptance of a situation should be so rooted in the practice that it becomes a part of your daily life. Balance in asana teaches us how to remain focused. Pranayama moves awareness inward and meditation takes it beyond the mind. Yoga practices help us conserve energy, which can be used to speed up the healing process. Persistence learnt from yoga helps to have faith in the fact that things take some time to manifest and there is no point in hurrying.
Yog Nidra is another technique that links the mind, body and emotions to improve endurance.

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